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it's aliiiiiiive...?

It may come as a shock, but I am considering reviving my livejournal. Even though I could just as easily make better use of my tumblr or blogspot, I feel more accustomed to the simplicity and familiarity of lj's interface.

what brought this on you might ask? whoever you may be.

You could say it's the myriad of anime blogs I find myself reading most days.

One in particular now-defunct "2-D Teleidescope" addressed its readers with a question: "How has anime enriched your world?" I could cut and paste from excerpts and expound but that wouldn't be fair to my own possible response, that is, if i were to attempt to verbalize all these years'-worth of internalized fangirling.

Anime has enriched my world in more ways than any non-anime-fan/layman could even imagine. So much so that I pray every day I could pursue this hobby in a more productive manner.

Oh how I wish I'd have earned a degree by now and pursued a career within the gaming and/or animation and/or publishing industry.
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