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a temporary goodbye for BLEACH

I finally got around to finishing the Bleach anime series after putting it off for so long for fear I'd be feel as bad as I did when the "Arrancar arc" ended. Except I didn't, but instead was completely taken by surprise with how not entirely shitty the "Fullbring arc" actually is; it couldn't have been a more appropriate point in the story the anime series could have ended at. Studio Pierrot, TV Tokyo, Kubo Tite played it all out really well.

8 years of following the series, and I have no regrets about watching it even with its lulls and fillers. While I would love to see the anime back on someday and hear all those talented voice actors again, the manga is still running.

Plus, I finally found my favorite version of Ichigo's theme "Number One" by Hazel Fernandes. yeahbuddy.

EDIT: the more sentimental version of above-written
Finally got around to finishing the Bleach anime series.

All 8 years it was on the air, I'd streamed, downloaded, and/or torrented all its 366 episodes and 4 films. With its original manga running its supposedly final arc, it was startling to realize that I'd been following something for that long. And although the prospect of the anime returning hasn't been completely shut down, I will eventually figuratively and literally have to turn that last page.

Just as people associate milestones in their lives with books, music, movies, and television shows, I associate a huge part of my identity [and shaping it] with my anime-viewing/manga-reading experience -- encounters with fellow fans included. Over the years it's become more than just a hobby, so much so that I still can't manage to find the words to describe how it began to and continues to enrich my world.

I'm incredibly grateful that people I love accept this side of me that other people could easily misconstrue as just being a "geek" or an "otaku".
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